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Kaffihúsið í Gamla bænum
Opening hours are from 12:30 - 17:30
all days from June 15th - August 15th

Hope to see you all

Brjánslækur family were enable to open a Coffee house in the Old family house at Brjánslækur.  Were we can offer coffee and some sweetbread,

We have also opened a showroom named "Hrafna Flóki" with a whole lot of knowledge on him and his travel to Iceland.  Also you will find Surtarbrands exhibition on the first floor.

In our little coffee shop is an education exhibition by Umhverfisstofnun about Surtarbrandsgil, which is a canyon located above the coffee shop.  Where you can also go for a walk with guide by a ranger, there can be found plant fossils which are known worldwide.

Also in the same house is a knowledge on Hrafna Flóki who was famous for giving our country the name Iceland.  Flókatóftir were Hrafna Flóki came ashore, few steps away just by the harbour Brjánslækur.   There you can see remains of human habitation from the years 830 - 890 which is the time period Flóki was here.

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