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Húsfrúin Halldóra Ingibjörg eða Hadda


Jarþrúður Ragna & Jóhann Ágúst

Brjánslækur is on Barðaströnd in the south of the Westfjords. The ferry Baldur from Stykkishólmur sails there. There are many natural gems in the immediate area, such as Dynjandisfoss, Látrabjarg, Rauðisandur and then Barðaströndin itself with its natural bathing beach. Swimming pools are close by as well as Hellulaug, a natural pool in Vatnsfjörður. There are also many beautiful hiking trails nearby.



Brjánslækur is located in Vatnsfjörður, which is a nature reserve and natural pearl. Fishing licenses are sold in Vatnsdalsvatn and it is on the fishing map so everyone who wants to can go fishing.


Þorvarður Ragnar frændi

Jarþrúður Ragna

Salvar Þór


Jarþrúður Ragna

One family lives in Brjánslækur. Grandmother, daughter, son-in-law, second eldest son and three children.

And of course all the animals; sheep, horses, dogs, chickens

Not to mention all the equipment and hobbies that the kids are struggling with every day, some would say gadgets.


Þorkell Mar

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